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Concerns: Project: ‘365 Days of Golf’

The idea of travelling and playing golf came into my mind a year ago. At that point in my life I decided to change my way of living. For more than 20 years I have been working in tourism and even though I enjoyed it a lot, it is time for a change.

Out of a career coaching seminar came the result that I have to do something with my didactic skills. During my years in tourism I really enjoyed my periods in which I could teach people a sport. I have been a ski and sail instructor, dive master and as a youngster I practised basketball on a high level in my home town in the Netherlands. Forwarding the knowledge that you gain by being successful in a sport is a key factor in my life.

Besides that I filmed a lot as a profession; under water, safari tours and in the winter seasons skiing guests on the slopes.

So I decided my new project is: The Game of Golf. Because I think I can combine the above mentioned aspects with the other factors that are important in my life: being outside in nature and creating a recreational environment in a touristic scenery, where I can use my skills which I’ve developed over the years.

about me in the golf sportMy goal is to become a golf teaching pro in one year. And my aim is to reach this goal by playing golf for one year long on as many different golf courses as possible. That’s why I started the project ‘365 Days of Golf’. In this project I combine my strengths with my new goals: teaching sports, filming and producing videos and meet a lot of different people in different countries AND… it is a project that stands out on itself.

I will travel around in a camper together with my girlfriend. She helps me out with the communication part of this road trip. Besides that she is a yoga teacher and my personal chef. Because good food and staying focused will be really important during this trip.

During the road trip we will be filming every day. After my 18 holes round I will make videos of the course. We also film my girl friends daily yoga exercises and we make documentary style videos of all the beautiful and interesting places we come along while we are on our way.

Would you like to join me on my trip? You can follow me on all kinds of social media or you can read about it on our travellers web- and videolog: tourtravellers.tv
I will write all kind of golf tips and tricks on this portal and you find more info about this project on this website. You can even come along if you would like to. You’re more than welcome.

Do you want to help me reach my goal of becoming a golf teaching pro in one year? You can be a sponsor of the trip. Please check out my WISH LIST and possibilities to see how you can help me and what we can do for you.

Hope to hear or read from you soon.

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about me on my way to become a teaching proArjan Vera
creator of ‘365 Days of Golf’
& Golf teaching pro to be


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