AND stuck on Lefkimi
flotilla-working-in-the-coldToday another 50 shades of grey day…. and we did something we warned our clients for the last four years.

We hid sand on Lefkimi, the salt pans on the south point of Corfu.

While I was working in my love sweater and for the first time this season also my sailing coat, we noticed that we were on a collision course with our colleagues from Plataria. The former OCC Yachting boats are now used by the Australian Top deck flotilla and as I went on deck to show how we are NOT working (sailing like small ducks following their mother), we hit sand and were stuck. Little panic, but only for a short while, because out of experience we know, that the boat comes loose with ‘a bit’ of engine power and (a lot of) patience.


The photo is in the end ok, but took a while to figure out the white balance and the ISO settings.
how the colleagues of the flotilla work

My girl friend is cooking inside for our clients, as we are heading for End bay. On the menu tonight: tarte tatin with red onions, lentils with pumpkin, sweet patato and feta, apple/plum crumble and home made chocolates. Always a good moment to promote her cookbook, which is already been ordered twice this by our clients (nice!!).


In the mean while I am working out my new and final plan. I already can present you the new title:





bad weather during the flotilla in Greece