the beauty of Crete, with all its colours

AJ4U Golf & Guide is the official business name of the company that AJ started in January 2017. This Wicked Golfers website started as a hobby in 2012 when AJ started his golf adventure with the goal to become a golf teaching professional. Most of the pages of this website are in the mean while improved and tranfered to the website. What is left on this website are the stories of his adventures he had during his ‘365 Days of Golf’ tour. Read about it and otherwise visit him his new website, to read about his Camper Golf Lifestyle.

Book AJ as your guide. With or without a game of Golf. As a Dutch reading guest you can also have a look in the webshop of Routaki routes for some amazing car routes with additional audio information.

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Have you ever been to ONE of the most BEAUTIFUL PLACES on EARTH? – if your answer is NO, than I can recommend you to come to the ISLAND OF CRETE !

lovely golf course on Creta
the beauty of Crete, with all its colours

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wicked jos beschrijft zijn golf ervaringen

Intussen heb ook ik de eerste stapjes in de golfsport gemaakt.

tekst is ook in het Nederlandsonly in Dutch…>>..


Guests Reviews:

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“I stayed in Villa Andreas with some friends, I have a busy job in Holland, so was looking forward to some time to relax. Now it feels like I wasn’t stressed out ever before! Wow. A stunning view over the sea, golfcourse nearby, proper apartment. It has everything you need for a perfect holiday. Oh and it was amazing how friendly the staff is! When we arrived they brought our luggage inside and explained everything about the environment, things to do etcetera.
The rooftop terrace is a place you must experience at night to watch the trillion stars….
Beaches are beautiful as well. Normally I never recommend a place that quick, but this one is worth it. “
— source: TripAdviso